Who Is Miles Davis?

Miles Davis remains the sole ambassador of the trumpet and still represents all that is cool in music, art, fashion and style. His wide appeal also continues to cross all musical genres and demographics.Miles Davis is one of the most innovative, influential and respected figures in the history of music. He is credited with changing the course of music four-to-five times and has been at the forefront of jazz for decades, setting trends and exploring musical styles from “bebop through cool jazz, fusion and funk”.

He is a timeless genius whose restless musical exploration made him a hero to many. His landmark album “Kind of Blue” remains the most significant and greatest selling jazz album of all time!Congress unanimously honored “Kind of Blue” by the passing of H. Con. Res. 894, reaffirming the work as a national treasure.

Warm Soles and Warm Souls

House of Miles East St. Louis (HOME) is a non-profit 501(c)3 on a mission to restore the childhood home of musician extraordinaire, Miles Davis!

HOME is seeking assistance for material, labor, and/or financial assistance to help us solidify this project. Your tax-deductible donation will bring us closer to this goal!

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