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The House of Miles East St. Louis (HOME) provides avenues of musical discovery to children and visitors of all ages. Interactive exhibits, educational experiences and innovative programs, both cultural and historical, celebrate our past, explore our present and enrich our future.

Guided Tours education and the preservation of historical integrity is foremost importance to HOME. We provide guided tours for individual visitors, groups, and school field trips. Our tours engage visitors of all ages and promote understanding of the cultural legacy.

Programs & Events


The museum is located on the 17th block of Kansas Avenue in East St. Louis, IL. The two-story building is the former residence of Miles Dewey Davis III, the most prominent black trumpeter of the century. Your group will be surrounded by historic photographs and artifacts.

We happily host: Weddings, Receptions, Organizational Fundraisers and Other Events.



House of Miles East St. Louis is home to collections of artifacts, memorabilia photographs, films and instruments. Our collections inform and enlighten visitors of all ages.



  • Multicultural Music: HOME has developed a multicultural music appreciation program that allows students to explore the planet through the medium of music. Various modules and combinations of modules are available. Students explore the music of different regions but also learn about the people, geography and other aspects. Musical instruments from different cultural regions are showcased. The curriculum also engages students in making simple versions of musical instruments characteristic of certain cultures.
  • General Music: HOME designed general music for students. This class provides fund and engaging opportunities for students to enjoy learning about music and actively making music.
  • Instrument 101: Provides students music lessons for woodwinds, brass, string and percussions.
  • Home of the Blues: Celebrates an important African-American musical tradition by exploring the essence of the genre.
  • All That Jazz: Celebrates an important African-American musical tradition by exploring the essence of the genre.
  • 3 R’s: Students learn the essentials to reading, writing, and arithmetic of music. Reading, Writing and Counting Music